About Amy

About amy

Amy, a busy mother, successful event planner, and most recently winner of the 2016 Gourmand Culinary Award for her book Kosher Taste, understands busy. She has partnered with some of the most respected chefs in her industry, creating beautiful food in high pressure environments. In Kosher Taste, Amy has taken her best innovations from years of experience and combined them with her passion for creating balanced and beautiful meals everyone will love, any time of the year. 

“I love to cook and I love to entertain. The warmth and beauty of sharing a beautifully set Shabbos or holiday table with friends and family is my passion and joy,” Amy explains. “The satisfaction I feel when family and guests dig in for seconds, or when kids enjoy a new dish, this makes all the effort of planning and preparing worthwhile. My goal with Kosher Tasteis to share this joy, this passion with home cooks who are looking to experience delicious new tastes and flavors to share with their families.” 

Amy Stopnicki is a busy mother of four, an active member of her community and successful event planner for over 15 years. Her culinary business skills have included menu creation, coordinating and implementing food tastings and events for more than 900 people. Amy is frequently asked to do cooking demos for private groups as well as non-profit organizations. She lives in Toronto with her husband and four children.Whether feeding a family on a busy weeknight, preparing a Shabbos meal, or a holiday dinner for 20, Amy is a woman with a plan. In Kosher Taste, she shares that plan with you.